Choosing Accessories for Baby Girls

Accessories are a good way to take an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. For babies, they are that and much more. They are ways to style your baby and show both you and your baby’s personality. When choosing accessories it’s best to go for accessories that are comfortable and soft to the baby’s skin. However, keep in mind functionality and comfort for the baby doesn’t have to equate boring. In choosing accessories for Baby Girls there are lots of options to pick from, many styles and varieties and many ways to. I’ll discuss more of this below.

Baby Girl Headbands

Baby girl headbands are a very cool and fashion-forward way to style a girl child. The are convenient for newborns because with them you can easily style a newborn baby girl with no hair. Baby girl headbands in different colors and different style materials are available at Baby Bling Bows. When the child grows into a toddler and starts growing out her hair, baby girl headbands are also a great way to style the hair and hold it back from the baby’s face. An investment in a good baby girl headband goes a long way for you and the baby as it can be used continuously as the baby grows older.

Baby Bottle Warmers

Moms have always struggled with keeping their baby’s food from becoming lukewarm or cold after a few hours on the go. They’ve either had a carry an extra flask of hot water just to warm the food or store the food in a different container to keep it warm or just resulted in making the food on the go when needed. Besides the obvious inconvenience of this, it’s practically extra hassle for moms with multiple toddlers or babies. Cue in Baby bottle warmers. These baby bottle warmers provide a solution to this age-long problem by providing feeding bottles and bottle warmers that are portable, convenient and effective. Now moms can just activate these bottles with the food in them and it’s heated within a couple of minutes.

Baby Carriers

Baby carriers have been around for quite some time now but they keep getting reinvented and improved upon. Some new designs offer light weight options, adaptive carriers that can be used for both babies and toddlers. Some carriers are made to look like clothing to be worn. Just like baby headbands, there are now also carries made with eco-friendly materials, fair trade carriers etc. There are also carriers made especially for dads. It’s always a delight when dads are considered in the design of baby products. These baby carriers made for dads are made to fit the dad’s masculine structure and provide maximum comfort and bonding experience for both baby and parent.


In choosing accessories you can get creative with items already in your child’s closet. If you’re the crafty type this will be easy and if you’re not, a short youtube tutorial will go a long way. You can repurpose items like turning a denim dress into a skirt or repurposing a ribbon into a hand band. There are a plethora of ideas on Pinterest that you can play around with. And when you make an accessory yourself it becomes even more personal for you and your child and becomes a sentimental piece. If you have a toddler, you can involve them in the process too to get them excited about wearing the piece after they help make it.

It’s ok to be unconventional with colors

When shopping for your baby headband, don’t limit your options by sticking to conventional colors. Pink and blue are pretty colors but so is yellow, teal, purple, peach, orange and even multi-colors headbands and prints like polka dots and stripes. These gender-neutral colors not only make your baby stand out they are also easy to repurpose. There are so many beautiful colors that look great on kids. Some daring parents even go for black and it always turns out really beautiful and it’s great for sophisticated outings like wedding combined with a dress. Thinking outside the box for colors also means mixing and matching colors. Go big if you dare and you will be rewarded. Don’t stick to the convention. Pair a yellow skirt with a pink t-shirt or pink pants with a blue sneaker or headband. Mixing and matching will not only make your kids look very fashionable, it can also increase their confidence. You’re also bound to get compliments and oohs and ahhs from people. Sometimes you don’t need a statement accessory but a statement color. A pop of color in a headband can go a long way in making an outfit stand out. Mix and match colors. Go neutral but pick a very colorful headband and watch it transform a basic outfit into something with personality and style. You can also use your kids favorite color or colors so the outfit reflects their style even more.

Finally: Do your Research

This particularly is very important when it comes to baby gear and gadgets. There are a lot of bells and whistles as to what’s needed and doing research will save you time. In addition, doing your research will save you a lot of money because gadgets are expensive and spending a buck on something that turns out not needed or of poor quality will be a great disappointment for you as that money could be diverted to something ended. Weigh your pros and cons, look at old or cheaper models and very importantly check the reviews, reviews, reviews! Don’t just read the good reviews but read the bad reviews to see if the bad reviews complain about something you can live with if you buy the item. You know; one man’s meat… Read up reviews on the product site and also on facebook groups and communities, mummy blogs and reviews sites. Researching should not stop on gadgets alone, research on everything you can and gain more knowledge to help you as you shop and as you plan for your new baby or babies.


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